Student ID's at this High School are Going Viral!

Nobody ever really likes the way they look in their school IDs, but a group of seniors in one Michigan high school may be the exception to that.

Since 2013, seniors at North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills have been given permission to get creative for their school IDs, since they have to take special yearbook portraits as well, and this year’s class went all out. Many shared their photo IDs on Twitter, and they soon went viral, with some getting as many as 60,000 likes.

So why are these photos garnering so much attention? Well, many of the students dressed up as well-known characters or famous people, with seniors dressing up as everything from the Harry Potter character Hagrid, to Dwight from “The Office,” to Ruth Bader Ginsberg and more. Check them out below:


Source: Huffington Post

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