Your Walking Speed Can Affect Where You Live!

We take walking for granted. According to scientists, if we were to think about the mechanics of walking, we’d never move again. That’s how complex the movement is!

Even more complex is why we walk the pace we do. Alone, we may walk slower, with kids faster. Studies have been done that show who we’re with heavily influences the pace. For example, a romantic couple will stroll. Guys walking together would move rapidly.

As far as where you grew up, it makes a big difference too. In Seattle, people walk hurriedly as those in rural Uganda walk leisurely. In cities, people pick up the pace and in rural areas it's time to stop and smell the roses. 

Walkers were simply observed by the researchers, who didn’t disturb the flow. The results showed no one maintained an even walk for long. In a nutshell, as complex as the mechanics of walking is, the reasons why we walk as fast or slow as we do are even more puzzling. Now you know!

Source: New York Times

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