Hangover Cures That Actually Work!

When it comes to looking for answers on the Internet, Twitter isn’t ALWAYS the best place (okay, generally NOT EVER). You’ll get people from all over the world with all different opinions telling you things you never needed to know. But if there’s one thing that’s universal in the Twitter world? It’s a gnarly hangover. And people on Twitter really know how to solve them. Here are the best answers:

  • Mexican Coke in a glass bottle

  • Everything bagel with everything on it

  • Chips and dip

  • Tomato juice

  • Cold orange juice

  • Bananas with honey

  • Exercise

  • Coconut water


The bottom line? The cure to the worst hangover is getting yourself pumped up with the nutrients you lost from poisoning your body all night. Load up on water, and get some serious food in yours system. And ONLY exercise if you really think your body can take the abuse. You probably need to lie down more than anything. And really really…there’s always not getting so polluted that you’re not hungover in the first place!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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