"Ghosted" Halloween Costume Is Hitting A Lot Of People Close To Home!

It’s almost spooky season, and that means we’re gearing up to be all dolled up in the best costumes we can come up with. And for people in a bind, Party City is the best place to go for the best selection of costumes. They’ve just unveiled a new set of costumes and one of them really sticks out to us – it’s called “ghosted,” and it’s essentially a sexy ghost costume with unanswered texts all over it.


People aren’t so sure how to feel about the humorous take on a classic ghost costume. It kind of seems like they’re poking fun at a phenomenon in modern dating that’s realistically, really not fun. All in all, the costume is all in good fun and not ACTUALLY offensive to anyone. 


People are just sensitive to being ghosted at all, and the costume is all too real and relatable.

Chill out, people!

Source: Insider

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