Teen Kicked Off Team Due To Homelessness Finds A Home!


A homeless high school football player who was kicked off of his school's team because he did not have a permanent address has been offered a home, and is able to rejoin the team. 

Jamal Speaks, an 18-year-old running back for the Ballou High School Knights, is being recruited by Temple University.

But he recently was kicked off the D.C. high school's team, as News4 reported

D.C. Public Schools officials said the District of Columbia State Athletic Association determined that Speaks was eligible to play, but they said the District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association (DCSAA) ruled that he was ineligible because they could not verify his address.

A local shelter for homeless youth, Covenant House Greater Washington, heard Speaks' story and offered him a home, they announced Wednesday. 

Speaks told News4 he's homeless and sleeps on friends' couches. He said his father is deceased and he doesn't have a relationship with his mother. 

D.C. Public Schools said Wednesday that Speaks can now practice and play with his team.

Source: NBC Washington

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