Dads Here Is How You Can Get Lucky Tonight!

When you’ve got little kids, it’s not always easy to find time for intimacy between bedtime stories and falling asleep on the couch to Netflix again. But dads who want to get lucky can follow these steps to help ensure that your wife will appreciate your advances later tonight.

  • Wake up before her - Not just five minutes before her, but enough time so you can get coffee going, kids up and eating breakfast, and lunches started.

  • Help with the kids - Find the pink socks if that’s all your darling daughter will wear or convince her white is the new pink.

  • Start laundry - Choreplay at its finest.

  • Show your love some spontaneous affection - Pinch her booty, give her a full-body hug, brush against her as you lean in for coffee, whatever you guys are into.

  • Check in with her during the day - Random little “how are you doing?” or “Just wanted to say hi” messages mean more to her than you realize.

  • Sext her - Just Google flirty memes for inspiration.

  • Get home on time - If you tell her you’ll be there at six, you’d better not show up at 7:30. Remember, she probably sets her schedule to sync up with yours, so when you’re late, dinner may be cold, bedtime may be later, and her patience much thinner.

  • Thank her for dinner - No matter what you thought of it, show your gratitude for the meal she prepared.

  • Clean up after dinner - Not just your plate, but everyone at the table’s and serving dishes, too. Actually put the rinsed stuff in the dishwasher and if you really want to impress her, toss the pod in and turn the dishwasher on.

  • Offer to give her a back rub and let her choose the show or movie - Combining two of her favorite things is bound to help set the mood and up your chance of getting lucky.

You could probably just follow a few of these suggestions to make your wife feel appreciated and that will probably make her want to do the same for you. Now that doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

Source: The Stir

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