There Is A Dating App For Coffee Lovers!

With National Coffee Day (on Saturday) AND International Coffee Day (on Monday) right around the corner, we should all be treating ourselves to a large cup of joe or two or five. So how about a date with your java? Trade Coffee Co. has developed an app for coffee lovers to find their perfect match… their perfect coffee match, that is.


You pay a monthly fee, and the app, The Hookup, asks you a series of questions about your coffee drinking habits. It comes to about $12 to $20 per shipment. You’ll get a coffee subscription box that’s completely tailored to your unique tastes, and you can receive new coffee ever 7, 14, or 21 days – depending on how much you guzzle the stuff.

Fill out your flavor profile, edit it at any time, and decide whether you’re a newbie, intermediate, or enthusiast coffee drinker. The service will play matchmaker for you and your favorite blends. So head out on a date with your favorite bean, and sip happily knowing you don’t have to make much small talk. It’ll all be worth it in the end!

Source: Forbes

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