What Makes Someone A Bad Texter?

The internet weighs in on what makes someone a bad texter!

How long should people wait to text someone after a date?

-- 33% said it doesn't matter!

-- 32% said like, one day

-- 31% said a few hours

-- 4% said a couple of days

Who should initiate texting?

-- 57% said whoever feels like it!

-- 24% said it totally doesn't matter

-- 19% said whoever's "turn" it is to respond

When is it okay to "double text"?

-- 73% said whenever!

-- 24% said only if you're correcting autocorrect!

-- 3% said NEVER! it looks desperate

What's a bad texter to you?

-- 17% said someone who takes LITERALLY FOREVER to respond!

-- 14% said someone who leaves you on read!!!

-- 10% said someone who's just really boring over text!

-- 59% said ALL OF THE ABOVE

How long would you wait for a response before considering yourself ghosted?

-- 49% said about a week

-- 25% said one day

-- 17% said they're never been ghosted so they don't know

-- 9% said a couple weeks, I guess

Source: Buzzfeed

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