Tricks You Can Use To Clear Your Mind!

There’s nothing like a cup of tea before bed or a nice reading sesh by the fire on a cold night. There are things that you can do to ease your mind that are so simple, you’re probably not even thinking about them. Here are things you can do every day so that your mind comes out on top:

  • Relax before bed – So many people try to get that last bit of work done before they go to sleep. Unplug, and just sleep.

  • Create a morning ritual – Have a routine that you practice the same way every single morning.

  • Write gratitude statements – Think about all of the things you’re grateful for, and write them down.

  • Let yourself feel bad – If you’re really not feeling great, you need to let that sit for a second before you can really work on wishing it away.

  • Recite positive statements – Like, out loud. Seriously! You’ll feel a little crazy talking to yourself, but if what you’re saying is positive, your brain will hear you.

If you really want to give your brain a chance to breathe, make sure you’re practicing these things regularly. It doesn’t really count if you do it once and then forget about it until the next time you’re feeling bad. Take care of your brains! You never know when they might need a little extra push!

Source: Elite Daily

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