Tips For Your Teen At Homecoming!

High school dances are a rite of passage for teenagers and the homecoming dance is one of the biggies. They get a chance to dress up and let loose with their friends or enjoy a special date and if you have a teen, chances are they’re looking forward to their dance. So help them have fun at the dance by following these tips for parents.

  • Establish a special curfew - This is a special night, so even if they’re always expected to be home at 10, maybe this event deserves a curfew extension. Come up with a time together so they’re more likely to follow it.

  • Know the dress code - Some dances are more formal and elaborate, and some have strict rules about what students are allowed to wear. Know your school’s policy before you buy a dress so your kid doesn’t have a problem getting in.

  • Go shopping with them as their photographer - Your teen might not want you there to help them pick out an outfit, so remind them they’ll need someone there to snap photos to see how the clothes look from a distance.

  • Encourage them to go to the game - The homecoming football game can be a fun experience even if your teen doesn’t care about sports, so try to get them to go.

  • Have agreed upon check-in times - Your teen is more likely to stick to checking-in if you give them specific times to do so, like when they arrive and leave the dance.

  • Tell them to take their time with photos - Everyone has high-quality cameras on their phones, but if the homecoming dance has a photo booth or photographer, try to get them to participate. These pictures will be a fun memory of a special night they can always look back on, so it’s worth the time.

  • Going with friends is always a good time - If your teen doesn’t have a date and isn’t sure about going to homecoming with a group of friends, remind them that they always have fun with their besties and they shouldn’t let not having a date make them miss the dance.

  • Have a version of “The Talk” with them - It doesn’t have to be a full-blown sex talk, but you’ll want to openly talk about school dances, peer pressure to be intimate, and their power to say no. Keep your phone on you in case they need you and let them know you’re just a call away if they are uncomfortable with anything. And once that’s out of the way, remind them to have fun.

Source: PopSugar

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