Mom Sues School After Her Son Doesn't Make The Soccer Team!


A St. Louis mom is making a federal case over the fact that her son didn’t make the high school soccer team.

The unnamed woman, whose son is a junior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, filed a lawsuit in federal court this week, claiming the coach’s decision discriminates against her child.

The boy, called John Doe in the Wednesday filing at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, played on the junior varsity team last year, and the suit claims he’s good enough to do so again

The school said players who don’t make varsity cannot go back to J.V., in order to allow younger students a chance to develop their skills.

In courtroom testimony, the coach said seven juniors cut from varsity weren’t good enough to play J.V. ball.

But the family claims both age and sex discrimination are at play, because those rules doesn’t apply to girl’s teams. 

The junior varsity squad only has 18 active players, rather than the usual 25, the lawyer noted. So even if John Doe doesn’t get to start, he should be allowed on the team — because there is plenty of room, he told the Post.

The suit aims to have the boy put back on the J.V. team. The judge will announce his decision Monday.

Source: NY Post

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