Surprising Places Parents Found Baby Names!

Finding the perfect name for your baby isn’t an easy task. Moms-to-be check websites, read baby name books, talk to friends, and still struggle with what to name their little one when they arrive. So we’re always eager to find out how other parents came up with what to call their kids and here are a few stories of unexpected inspiration for baby names that moms and dads shared on the site Baby Name Wizard.

  • Piper - A family full of pilots named their sweet girl after the little yellow airplane: Piper Cub.

  • Elvis - With the last name Priestly, this mom and dad picked Elvis for their son’s name because their name often gets confused with the King of Rock and Roll’s last name, Presley. “Some people love and some people hate it,” this mom says, “hopefully, he sees the humor in his name when he grows up.”

  • Malia - After struggling with what to name their soon-to-arrive daughter, one couple fell in love with the name Malia after reading it on their Panera receipt.

  • Canyon - The parents who chose this name for their son did it for different reasons. Dad liked the name after hearing of a young pro beach volleyball player with it back in the early 90s and mom felt attached to it because of wonderful memories of the Grand Canyon.

  • Seattle - Checking out a road atlas during a pre-baby road trip led a mom and dad to go with Seattle for their son’s name. “We figured if Dallas, Austin, Madison, and London were used, then Seattle was a cool name.”

  • Carsyn - Mom saw a little girl with a “First time at Disney” name tag on at the Magic Kingdom and fell in love with the girl’s name: Carsyn. Little did mom know she was six weeks pregnant with her own little Carsyn at the time.

  • Camden - Some parents named their son after Camden Yards where the Baltimore Orioles play.

  • Draven - A mom who loves “dark, mysterious things” went with Draven, a character from her favorite movie of all time, “The Crow,” for her son’s name.

Source: The Stir

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