Top Microwave Hacks!

Have you ever just wanted to throw something in the microwave and call it a day? Sure, it would be NICE to use that kitchen you pay rent for, but it’s not always the most exciting idea. 


Here are some things you can do with a microwave for when you’re itching for a lazy dinner or midday snack:

  • Cook corn on the cob

  • Soften your ice cream

  • Cook an egg

  • Make a baked potato

  • Make a mug dessert

  • Get more juices out of your citrus

  • Steam veggies

  • Cook your grains

And when you’re finished cooking your microwavable Thanksgiving feast for yourself, you can spray the microwave down with a little lemon water to remove the grime. Seriously, it’s all that easy! Just follow the instructions on proper cooking times when you go for it with your microwave!

Source: Refinery29

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