Most Expensive Cities To Have A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

It’s no secret that being part of a wedding party can sent you back a lot of money, and one of the biggest expenses these days may well be the bachelor and bachelorette parties. So, how much are folks really spending to help the bride and groom party it up one last time before the big day? 

Well, a new report looked at the 24 most popular cities for such pre-wedding bashes and finds that the national average cost for a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend is around $1,400, but that cost will differ depending on where that bash takes place. Not surprising, the most expensive city for these parties is New York, at a cost of around $1,958, while, believe it or not, Las Vegas is the least expensive, at just $1,175.


So, why is New York so expensive? Well, the survey finds that hotels in the Big Apple can set folks back $589 a person, while food costs about $248, which are both the most expensive of any other city. Beers in New York are also the most expensive, and will set partygoers back $142 for a three-day weekend, although they are just as expensive in San Francisco.

Top Ten Most Expensive Cities For A Three-Day Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

  1. New York ($1,985)

  2. San Francisco ($1,815)

  3. Washington, DC ($1,599)

  4. Boston ($1,590)

  5. Chicago ($1,531)

  6. Seattle ($1,523)

  7. Los Angeles ($1,469)

  8. Miami ($1,408)

  9. Philadelphia ($1,387)

  10. Houston ($1,375)

Source: Business Journals

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