Gmail Will Now Complete Your Sentences!

Most of us send several emails a day, and while that may not take up too much of our time, Gmail has found a way to make composing them even faster, although it’s a little creepy.

Gmail has started rolling out what they’re calling a “Smart Compose” feature, which basically automatically finishes sentences that you’re writing in email. The feature “suggests complete sentences in your emails” so you don’t have to type them yourselves, and is an expansion of their “Smart Reply” feature, that offered up automatic replies to emails based on how you’ve replied previously.

So, how would Gmail know what you’re going to write? Well, it will start out simple, but as it learns more about how you communicate, phrases are expected improve. A G Suite update explains, “At launch, it can fill in common phrases and relevant addresses, like that of your home and office; in the future, it will get smarter — learning your most-used greetings.”

Well, it seems the public doesn’t know what to think about Gmail’s newest feature, with social media comments mixed. One person called it, “bafflingly, almost creepily, good,” while others called it “super creepy,” and one person noted it was “spooky good,” adding, “Machine learning is invading everything.” 

Check out some of the reactions below.


Source: Buzzfeed

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