Characteristics of Hot VS. Cold Vacationers!

When it comes to picking a vacation destination, some folks like to get all bundled up and maybe hit the slopes, while others are perfectly happy planting themselves on a beach chair and not moving. Well, it turns out, which vacation you prefer may depend on certain personalities and preferences you have.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans looked into the differences between people who like warm weather vacations, versus cold weather ones, and the results were pretty interesting.


For example, the survey finds that for the most part, those who love a warm, beach vacation are more likely to be extroverts, who are confident and outgoing. They are people who like use vacations to spend time with family and get away from their busy life and they enjoy relaxing by the beach or pool. The survey also finds warm weather vacationers prefer dogs, listen to pop, hip-hop/rap, R&B, and country music, and also prefer being the big spoon when cuddling.


Meanwhile, those who prefer a cold weather vacation are more likely to enjoy staying indoors, which honestly you may need to do on a cold trip, and they are also likely to be shy, quiet and sarcastic. They enjoy going on hikes, as well as skiing and snowboarding, and look for adventure while traveling. They also are cat people, listen to classical, jazz, heavy metal, and folk music and prefer to be the little spoon when cuddling. 

The survey finds that while there are plenty of unique things to do while on vacation, most Americans spend their vacay time doing things they could probably do at home. It seems the average American will spend seven hours and 42 minutes of their trip watching TV, plus they will spend five hours and 12 minutes napping. They will also spend six hours having “romantic time” in their room.

Source: SWNS Digital

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