World's Most Popular Destinations!

While there’s nothing wrong with going on vacation in the United States, there are a lot of amazing destinations all over the world to visit, and it seems when it comes to travel, some destinations are definitely more popular than others. Well,  now a new report reveals the locations lots of people are heading to.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has just revealed their list of the World’s Most Popular Destinations, noting that the number of visitors to these locations have increased 7%, with these destinations seeing the highest increase in overnight visitors since 2009.

In terms of arrivals, France is the most popular destination, with 86.9 million visitors last year, while the United States is top in receipts, with visitors spending a whopping $210.7 billion in the U.S. last year.


The World’s Top Ten Most Popular Destinations(by arrivals)

  1. France

  2. Spain

  3. United States

  4. China

  5. Italy

  6. Mexico

  7. United Kingdom

  8. Turkey

  9. Germany

  10. Thailand


The World’s Top Ten Most Popular Destinations(by receipts)

  1. United States

  2. Spain

  3. France

  4. Thailand

  5. United Kingdom

  6. Italy

  7. Australia

  8. Germany

  9. Macau

  10. Japan

Source: USA Today

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