Hacks To Help You Drink More Water!

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For a long time, the general rule about drinking water was that we should all get at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day. But how much water we need varies from person to person, depending on your body and physical activity. And for some people, it’s hard to remember to drink enough water during the day, so they need a little push to down enough. If that sounds like you, these tips can help you up your water intake and make it part of your daily routine.

  • Set a daily goal - Baby steps could be the best way to up your water intake, so increase the amount in increments instead of going from one glass one day to eight the next.

  • Keep a glass of water beside your bed - Having it within arm’s reach means you’re more likely to start and end your day with water.

  • Create your own spa water - Some folks find water boring or don’t care for the taste, so adding some healthy flavoring can help. Frozen berries, cucumber, mint, citrus fruits, and basil can all add flavor to keep your taste buds happy while you stay hydrated.

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  • Decide what water temperature you like best - There’s no “wrong” temperature, so go with what you prefer so you enjoy it more and drink more water.

  • Set a reminder - We all have days where we’re so busy we forget to drink water, so a reminder can help. Use your work calendar or your phone to notify you it’s time to sip again.

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