Holiday Cravings Are Very Strong, Survey Finds!

A new survey found that while 81 percent of respondents consider themselves to be healthy eaters, all bets are off when it comes to the holidays – with most giving in to temptation. 97 percent say they give in to cravings at least once during the holidays and 26 percent say they give in to it all season. But the eating doesn’t come without guilt. In fact, 75 percent of those surveyed said they experience “cravings guilt” after eating holiday treats, and 58 percent said the guilt can actually ruin the holidays for them.

So which holiday foods are we powerless to resist? When it comes to sweets, the top three are 

  • chocolate chip cookies (44 percent)

  • pumpkin pie (41 percent)

  • brownies (37 percent)

On the savory side, the top three holiday dishes people crave are: 

  • mashed potatoes (39 percent)

  • turkey (36 percent) 

  • stuffing (31 percent)

Source: SWNS

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