Pet Owners Share Tips On Making Their Pets Happy At Home Alone!


It is inevitable, if you are a pet owner at some point... you are going to have to leave your fur baby home alone! 

A poll of 2,000 pet owners reveals what they do  (or wish they could do) when they leave their pet home alone:

  • 50% said they wish they could keep an eye on their pet when out of the house

  • 14% said they have kept their eye on their pet when they're not home by using an average of two devices in separate rooms of their home

  • 61% of those who spy on their pet think they have stopped their pet from misbehaving by monitoring them

  • But still, 50% of that group say they feel guilty for not giving their pet privacy

  • Among those who do not monitor their pets with a live feed, 25% said it's because it's too expensive

  • 20% said they think it'd be too complicated to set up in the first place

  • Overall, 30% said they'd have peace of mind if they could watch their pet when they left the house

  • 25% said they'd feel happier if they were able to talk to their pet when not at home

  • And about 20% said they'd feel more relaxed if they could see what their pet was up to all the time

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