Best Texts To Send To Break Things Off After A Few Dates!

These days in the dating world, ghosting is a common way to break things off after a couple dates. It stinks when it happens to you, and the reason so many singles do it may be because they don’t know how to say they’re just not interested. And it isn’t always easy to let someone down easily, but it’s still better than ghosting them.

So what is the right way to gently tell someone that you’re not interested after a few casual dates? No one wants to be the jerk that hurts someone, but rejection is a part of life and they will be fine eventually. And the best way to hurt them less is to be honest up front, according to dating coach Meredith Golden.

Her advice for what to do when the spark just isn’t there is to be clear that there isn’t a future, while using kindness. If you’ve gone out a few times and they keep texting you, but you know it’s not going to work, Golden suggests texting: 

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and think that you’re great, but unfortunately I don’t think we’re the right fit. Wishing you only the best.”

It’s a short, direct message and the dating pro says the sooner you end something that isn’t working, the better it is for you both. And not ghosting has to be better for your dating karma.

Source: Elite Daily

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