Sneating Is The New Dating Trend!

If you’re anything like the rest of the 20-Something population, you know the struggle of canned soup and rice meals. It’s the cheapest way to go about things, no matter how enticing it seems to go out and treat yourself to something nice – and substantial. With that in mind, consider a new dating trend. But can we really call it dating?

Enter “sneating.”Sneating is what happens when you sneakily chat a guy up on the apps knowing that it will begin and end with a free meal. You go on the date, get the grub, and get out. That means a couple of things – you’re open to more options because the standards are lower. You don’t need Prince Charming, you just need someone to pay for your food! And isn’t it possible that you could stumble upon “the one” while scrounging for meals? Maaaaybe.

But in 2018, this comes with complications. Why? Because there’s kind of an understanding these days that men and women should be splitting the bills instead of leaving the bill on the dude’s doorstep. Good luck!

Source: New York Post

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