Adult Only Cruise Ships Are Coming To Virgin!

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Virgin America airline used to be known for their party planes and now they’re bringing that vibe to the water with Richard Branson’s new cruise line, Virgin Voyages. Images of their first ship, the 2,700-passenger Scarlet Lady, have been released and one thing you won’t see? Any kids’ play areas. That’s because this ship is geared for grown-ups and all guests must be 18 and up to board.


The Scarlet Lady is all about well-being and the ships is designed to leave travelers feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. That should be easy at one of the pools or cool outdoor lounges that were created to look like the ones you’d see in the Hamptons, Ibiza, and Bali. This ship also has an athletic club with impressive views, outdoor bars, and a cave-inspired spa, which could all help passengers relax and recharge.

Cruises are known for the food and the Scarlet Lady has a couple of cool restaurants on board. The Test Kitchen has a distinct entrance decorated with a food-inspired periodic table and a fun lab-like dining area complete with test tubes and beakers. There’s also a Mexican restaurant, Pink Agave, which features metallic blue lamps and group seating.


So if a child-free cruise on the Scarlet Lady sounds like your kind of getaway, start saving now. The ship is set to arrive at Port Miami in 2020 for her initial sailing season and the first stop is the Caribbean. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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