Mothers Reveal How Long It Takes To Get Used To Being A Mom!

Being a new mom isn’t easy, and in those first few weeks lots of parents probably think they’re doing everything wrong. Well, things do get better and according to a new survey, it takes over three months for that to happen.

According to a new survey by Store Brand Formula, it takes exactly three months and 13 days, a.k.a.103 days, for a new mom to get used to motherhood. What’s more, 53% of new moms say they were so worried about getting things right that the first few months passed by with a blur. And it turns out, the difficulties of parenthood came as a surprise to many. In fact, 63% of new moms were surprised by how long it took them to get the swing of motherhood.

The biggest concern of most new moms is their kid getting sick, followed by feeding their child, while a full 33% of moms admit worries about the costs of having a child.

And even if they did get the hang of it, many found themselves lying to other mothers out of fear of being judged. Seems 20% of moms lied to other mothers about their baby sleeping through the night, while 18% fibbed about hitting development milestones and 9% lied about breastfeeding. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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