The Silent Treatment May Be Good For Your Relationship!

At first, the silent treatment sounds petty and childish. It’s what you do to people you can’t stand to work things out with, right? Wrong! Giving your boo the cold shoulder every once in a while could actually save your relationship. Hey, it’s better than screaming in their face all the time, right?

You know what’s weird, though? The silent treatment seems to work better for couples who are less financially stable. The idea is that more affluent couples will feel more of a need to engage when their spouse has a concern or demand. Is it better to bite the bullet and just work things out with your partner? OF COURSE. But sometimes, you just need to let the dust settle first. Gas on top of fire never helps anyone, right?

But no one’s suggesting you should shut down from the jump – giving your partner the silent treatment should be your last option. If you start by ignoring your partner, you’re not going to get very far in your argument OR your relationship! It works like this: when things get too hot – STOP. Just walk away. Heck, SAY you need to walk away. Then cool off…no matter if they want to keep going. When everyone’s calmed down, try again.

Source: Metro

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