Mom Places An Ad To Find Someone To Take Her Kids Trick-or-Treating!

Mom with a fear of Halloween willing to pay $65 an hour for a trick or treating professional!

Taking your kids out trick or treating on Halloween can be fun for some folks, and a chore for others, but for one mother in the UK it’s an absolute nightmare so she’s ready to farm out the job.

A single mother recently took out an ad on the nanny finder site, looking to pay someone to take her kids out trick or treating. It’s not that the woman is too busy, or simply doesn’t want to go with her kids...she’s simply terrified of Halloween.

The woman writes that she suffers from social anxiety, noting she gets “very scared at Halloween because of the costumes and speaking to strangers to ask for sweets for the kids.” She tried to find someone she knows to take her three kids out, but after failing decided to hire someone.

And she’s paying pretty well. The ad seeks someone to help get her kids into their costumes and take them out from 4pm to 8pm on October 31st, with the pay at $65 an hour.

Source: New York Post

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