Here Is How To Get Through All Your Emails!

The trick to getting through your emails is to not look at your inbox while you're replying.

How many times have you started drafting a reply email when all of a sudden, you’re distracted by a new email that’s just come in? It’s hard to focus on just one at a time when your inbox is basically a revolving door of needs from various people in your office. The secret to really getting through all of your emails? Hiding your inbox from yourself.

It sounds crazy. You have to look at your inbox to really start chipping away at the iceberg. But if you’re in a constant state of hitting “refresh,” you might want to consider doing just one thing at a time. Inbox When Ready is an app that will hide your inbox from you while still allowing you to search, compose, look at labels, and anything else you might want to do that doesn’t involve actually seeing new emails come in. 

Open your inbox only when you’re ready. Get into the habit of finishing one thing before you even think about starting another!

Source: LifeHacker

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