Teens Love Chick-Fil-A and Nike!

New survey reveals spending and brand preferences of Gen Z!

Any parent of a teenager will tell you that teens have very specific things they like and don’t like, and often that depends on what all the other teens in the neighborhood prefer. So, what are the most popular things amongst teens these days? Well, a new survey by Piper Jaffray Companies asked over 8,500 teens with an average age of 16 about their discretionary spending habits and brand preferences and some definite leaders emerged.

For example, when it comes to fast food, Chick-Fil-A is teens' favorite, and that holds true for upper income teens as well as average income teens. Coming in second for both categories of teen is Starbucks, with Chipotle coming in third for wealthier teens, and McDonald’s coming in third for average income teens.


When it comes to daily video consumption, Netflix is the most popular platform for viewing content (38%), followed by YouTube (33%), while Snapchat is by far the most popular social media platform (46%), followed by Instagram (36%), with Facebook only popular with 5% of teens.

Other results from the survey include:

  • Nike is the top clothing brand (22%), followed by American Eagle (9%)

  • Nike is also the top footwear brand (41%), followed by Vans (19%)

  • Amazon is the top shopping website (47%)

  • Sephora is the top beauty destination (34%)

  • Food is teens’ number one spending priority

  • 45% of teens say “brand” is the most important thing when making a purchase

  • 86% of Gen Z say they plan to buy an iPhone next

Source: Business Wire

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