The Only Job Where Women Get Paid More Than Men!


Working women in America are still coming up short. According to a new report released by the American Association of University Women, a nonprofit that advocates for women, full-time working women in the U.S. still only make 80% of what men do.

This research also shows that there’s only one occupation out of the 114 analyzed for the report where women are paid more than men in America: wholesale and retail buyers. So what makes this job so special? With a median salary of about $53,000, it’s a lower-paying position, and those tend to pay men and women more equally in general because with minimum wage laws, there’s a limit on how low pay can go.

There are a few other jobs that are close to paying men and women equally:

Food preparation and serving workers (99% pay ratio), writers and authors (98% pay ratio), and pharmacists (98% pay ratio). But plenty of other professions where the pay gap is overwhelming, a lot of which are in STEM fields. Female financial managers, for example, only make 65% of what men in that profession are paid. Higher paying fields have more of a gender pay gap, in general.

And the pay gap is worse for some groups than others. Aside from occupation, these factors can impact women’s pay too:

  • Age - The older a woman gets, the bigger the pay gap, according to this research.

  • Education - Believe it or not, the more education women get, the larger the pay gap.

  • Disability - Both men and women with disabilities are paid less than those who don’t have them, but women with disabilities are paid just 72% of what men with disabilities are and less than half as much as a man without a disability, the report finds.

  • State - Where you live matters. California, Washington D.C., and New York have more pay equality than most states and on the flip side, Mississippi and Alabama have much less.

  • Race - Asian women make 89% of what white men do, and white women make only 78% of what white men do, but other races have it worse. African American women earn just 62% of what white men do and Hispanic women only earn 54%.

Source: Moneyish

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