#FlauntYourWealthChallenge Is Taking Over Instagram!

There’s a really strange and oddly specific Instagram trend floating around, and you’re going to want to listen up for this one. It blows wavy brows and Drake dance moves out of the water. People in China are doing the “flaunt your wealth” challenge. It basically means you show off all of the expensive crap you can afford. But there’s a really particular way to do it.


You have to stage a fall… out of your car, helicopter, whatever… surrounded by your luxury items on the ground. You heard me. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and people everywhere are starting to take part. You can track challenge participants as they’ve all probably used the hashtag #fallingstars or #fallingstars2018 – a hashtag that also documented people staging falls out of their private jets back in August.


So the question is – if you’re rich and living the dream, what’s the deal with staging your own fall and surrounding yourself with expensive items? On the dirty ground? Get it together, ‘grammers.

Source: Insider

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