Instagram's Most Popular Halloween Costume May Surprise You!

It’s the time of year when we’re all scouring Google, our favorite movies, and pop culture for ideas for the best possible Halloween costume. But after this past Halloweekend, you won’t have to look much further than Instagram, because that’s where all the best Halloween looks are going viral.


The one that’s probably the most popular (and the most shocking) is a Violet Beauregarde look – you know the one. She’s the bratty girl from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” who turns into a blueberry during her tour through the factory. To make themselves look more realistic, makeup enthusiasts everywhere are powdering their noses with blue makeup to make the transition look even more real.


Seriously – just check out the hashtag #VioletBeauregarde if you want to be flooded with images of other people’s takes on the look. The last thing you need to top it off? A blue sweat suit and some serious chewing gum!

Source: Bustle

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