Ways To Save Money In Under An Hour!

Saving money isn’t all about shopping at Costco and keeping your five dollar bills in an envelope. There are other areas of your life that could use some attention if you really want to start pinching pennies. Here are some things you can do that take less than an hour – and could save you some serious cash:

  • Roll over your old 401(k) – If you switch your funds over to an IRA, you could score some serious savings.

  • Switch banks – You should be earning at least 1% interest on your savings.

  • Negotiate with your Internet provider – You never know when there’s a cheaper deal you could be taking advantage of.

  • Complete a health assessment – Sometimes your health insurance provider offers you a health assessment survey in exchange for a gift card.

  • Sign up for auto-pay – There are often benefits for setting up auto-pay on your accounts.

  • Rethink your health insurance – There could be cheaper options for you!

  • Skim your bank statements – Make sure your bank isn’t charging you fees.

  • Switch to a prepaid cellphone – It may be cheaper in the long run.

Saving money means looking at everything (yes, everything) you spend money on and cutting corners wherever you can. You never know when a few bucks off your Internet bill could turn into a couple hundred dollars in your pocket at the end of the year!

Source: Huffington Post

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