Residents Become Stressed 18 Days After Moving To The City!

While there are plenty of people who love living in a big city, that doesn’t mean all the hustle and bustle doesn’t get to them, and a new report reveals just how long they can handle the craziness before they need a break.

A survey conducted by Wyndham Vacation Rentals finds most city dwellers can survive on average 18 days before the stresses of city life get to them and they need a break. As for what’s causing all that stress, the survey notes that within those 18 days they have likely been bumped into 12 times, waited on 15 long lines, missed their train or bus 13 times and got stuck behind slow walkers 15 times.

But those aren’t the only common annoyances city dwellers will encounter during those 18 days. Others include:

  • Foot stepped on - 13 times

  • Splashed by car - 12 times

  • Caught in rain - 13 ties

  • Cramped bus/train rides - 14 times

  • Bus/train delays - 14 times

  • Nearly hit by car - 12 times

  • Puddles stepped in - 13 

  • Woken up by city noise - 16 times 

And there’s no doubt living in the city is way more stressful than living in the suburbs. In fact, city-dwellers report hitting “peak stress” 10 times a month, while those who live in the suburbs only hit it seven times a month. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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