People Are Selling The Golden Girls Cereal Online for $100!

Even 26 years after “Golden Girls” went off the air, fans of the sitcom are still totally devoted. Recently we told you about a new limited-edition breakfast cereal that hit shelves at Target earlier this month, but was practically impossible to find. The bright blue cereal from Funko is available on eBay, but before you overpay for a box, you should know that more should be hitting stores soon.


Funko CEO Brian Mariotti says he’s not surprised at all by the cereal’s success and suggests that more “Golden Girls” Cereal will be arriving sooner than later. He says they’re already planned and that the new cereal won’t be blue, adding, “You can expect to see white and pink colors in the next two editions with new figures in each.” So be patient, superfans, more “Golden Girls” cereal and Pez dispensers are coming.

Source: Extra Crispy

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