H.O.P.E Trailer To Combat Opioid Addiction Opens In MD!


On Thursday, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office introduced their latest tool in the fight against opioids: the H.O.P.E. Trailer.

Inside the trailer is a simulated bathroom, closet and bedroom to show parents what an addict’s room looks like.

While it looks like a normal teenage bedroom on the surface. If you look around you can see just how crafty addicts are when hiding their habit. 

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office and PABA (Parents Affected by Addiction) joined forces to show families what they need to look for if they think their loved one is using.


“Obviously you look in the toilet paper roll and you don’t see anything,” said Lt. Ashley Burroughs, before popping-open the toilet paper roll holder. Inside the spring, is a heroin needle or looking for outlet caps that are really needle caps. 

Lt. Burroughs said these hiding spots were discovered at actual Charles County crime scenes and overdose locations.

Charles County Sheriff Troy D. Berry said his deputies are starting to see a drop in overdose deaths. The billboard outside the Charles County Sheriff’s Office reads: 77 overdoses, 19 deaths and 52 lives saved.

Source: WUSA 9 

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