Jewelers Are Making Necklaces Out Of Mom's Umbilical Cords!


A Florida-based jeweler has come up with an interesting way for mothers to show their love for their newborn children. Ruth Avra makes special necklaces… made out of babies’ umbilical cord stumps.

After being cut, the umbilical cord falls off between seven and 21 days. Avra can then set the stump in silver and seal it with resin for a keepsake that can be worn forever. They go for just $200 dollars and can be purchased on her website.


It turns out she’s not the only one making the unique jewelry for moms, either. Speckled Milk offers a gem ring that can be made from the umbilical cord stump, a lock of hair, ashes, placenta, pet fur or ashes, or even breastmilk.

Source: New York Post

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