A Young Girl Gets Kellogg's To Change Their Packaging!

Think one voice can’t make a difference? When eight-year-old Daliah Lee only saw male athletes featured on the back of Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain cereal box, she wondered where the girls were. So the Australian girl wrote the company a letter asking them about it.

“There are only pictures of boys doing something awesome,” Lee wrote in her letter. “Why can’t girls be on the back?”

And Kellogg’s responded, but Lee says she felt “very disappointed” by their reply. “Sorry you did not like this particular product … we hope you find other products of ours that you can enjoy,” they wrote back. So the little girl started a change.org campaign asking others to sign a petition to help her cause, pointing out that only showing guys was “offending to girls who can do amazing things too.” And that’s when the company finally heard Lee’s message.


Now Kellogg’s has pledged to roll out new packaging in 2019. “Hearing Daliah’s passion … we’ve decided that we will update the pack imagery with images of both females and males … so that we can continue to inspire all Aussies no matter their gender,” the company says. So this kid got a company to change its mind, pretty much by herself and that’s impressive, but this isn’t the last we’ll hear from her. Lee says she hopes to be Prime Minister of Australia one day and she’s well on her way.

Source: New York Post

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