How Long Americans Spend In A Post-Meal Slump!


The feeling tired after eating struggle is real. New research has found that the average American spends 213 hours – about 9 days -- in a post-meal slump every year. The study revealed that after a heavy meal, you spend about an hour and 22 minutes afterwards feeling full, tired, sluggish and less productive. And the average American will experience three of these post-meal slumps every week.


50 percent of those surveyed said eating a heavy lunch on a work day makes them less productive, with most saying their production drops about 33 percent after a big lunch. The biggest culprits? 

  • Burgers (53 percent)

  • Pizza (50 percent)

  • Mashed potatoes (44 percent)

  • Burritos (31 percent)

Want to avoid the post-meal slump? Eat more veggies. 71 percent of respondents said they are less likely to get a post-meal slump after eating a meal with lots of veggies and less meat and carbs. 36 percent said they don’t experience any loss of energy after eating a vegetable-based meal. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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