Society Still Does Not Accept Women In Power!

The most recent surveys show that women are making great strides in being accepted when they have positions of power. It seems that may not be entirely true. In Springer’s journal “Sex Roles,” researchers found people don’t necessarily tell the truth in surveys that address socially sensitive issues.

The biggest issue drawn from the study is people not being willing to be honest about their views. Answering questions about a socially charged issue appears to make many uncomfortable. Instead of being accurate, many tend to toe the social line. Women, by the way, are more apt to give an honest answer than men.

In the study of over 15-hundred people, 28-percent of women and 45-percent of men thought women were less qualified than men for leadership positions. About four in 10 women say they’ve experienced workplace discrimination, too.

While the study shows there is a lot of work to go in the gender equality arena, the more disturbing finding was that respondents aren’t honest in their answers.

Source: Bustle

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