REMINDER: Avoid Giving A Puppy On Christmas!

Seeing a child open gifts on Christmas morning is one of the best moments there is. Santa brings them all they ever wanted, and for some kids, that means an adorable puppy.

Before you make that move, there are things to consider, like the chaos of the day and how a puppy will handle it. Luckily, we’ve got advice on how to safely bring a puppy into your home for the holidays and reasons why Christmas morning is bad timing.

  • Christmas is too overwhelming. The holidays involve seeing friends and family, traveling, and lots of emotion and noise. This is your young pup’s first exposure to a home and it will be traumatic. Cesar Millan says unless you stop the whole Christmas process you are stressing out the dog.

  • Instead of a dog for Christmas, plan a family trip. Then after Christmas do some shelter puppy shopping.

  • Pets are family members. Make sure everyone is onboard with your choice. And you should be prepared just like if it was a baby.

  • Explain to the kids what this gift means. Rescuing a dog will give them a whole new outlook on their choice.

Source: PopSugar

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