This Is How Much Shoppers Will Spend On Black Friday!

Slickdeals decided to find out if Black Friday is alive and well or doomed like many predict. It turns out the biggest shopping day of the year has a very strong pulse. The survey uncovered that over half of Americans will be braving the crowds to partake in the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of grabbing huge deals.

Not only that, but the average spent by shoppers will be $520. The top items being sought don’t change this year. They are clothes at 53-percent, a laptop or computer at 47-percent, and a TV (37 percent). Over 80-percent of Americans say they’ve shopped Black Friday and they still feel it’s the biggest bargain day there is.

One of the coolest stats? Instead of buying those coveted items for themselves, 33-percent said they are buying only for someone else on Black Friday. Share that wish lsit with your loved ones.

Source: New York Post

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