This Restaurant Has Customers Eating On Grass!

A restaurant in Melbourne, Australia is being roasted online for offering customers a... unique dining experience. In what seems like an attempt to promote farm-to-table dining values, the restaurant’s tables are covered with a sheet of turf…. And we’re not talking astroturf – it’s real grass and dirt.

After a photo of the grassy tables at Grill’d was posted to Reddit, the internet predictably had a field day. Here’s what people had to say:

  • The original poster, SkyUnderMyFeet, is just wondering about the logistics of the tables. “Does someone water the tables?” the user wrote. “Like halfway through the meal, they bring out a sprinkler?”

  • Another user isn’t wondering at all, they’ve concluded it’s just plain gross. “Dirt is dirty,” the person wrote. “It belongs on the ground, not the dinner tables. It’s disgusting.”

  • Redditor RoboSquirrel thinks it could be useful… if the customers were animals. “I think it’s a restaurant for cows,” the user wrote. “I think this is where my food goes out to eat.”

An Instagram user, @BrownCardigan, also got a hold of the photo and posted it along with a lengthy rant against the city itself for being too pretentious. “We get it. You are the brains-trust capital of Australia for self-gratifying, capitalist ethics,” the person wrote. “Can you please stop trying to one up yourselves?... How is that hygienic?” 

Check out the post below.


Source: Metro

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