Being Bored Can Be Good For You!

You probably hate the feeling of being bored as much as the rest of us. You get all guilty feeling thinking you should be doing something more “productive” with your time. But the reality is that we should really just let ourselves be bored sometimes. There are a few benefits to being bored that you probably never thought of:

  • It can teach you a lot – You build up a sense of tolerance to boredom, and you have nothing to do or think about. There’s something really nice about that!

  • It gives you more time – Once you realize how much time you have on your hands, you can actually do something with it!

  • It can spark your imagination – Remember all those things you said you’d do but never did? Now’s the time to get crafty!

  • It can help you process emotions – Use this time to check in with yourself and process some of the things you’ve been feeling (and ignoring).

Downtime is a great time to take a step back from the craziness of your life and really get things organized – on your shelves and in your brains. And hey, if you really can’t stand the boredom, there’s bound to be a convenience store with six packs nearby.

Source: Elite Daily

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