#HairHack - Use A Water Bottle To Curl Your Hair!

We all want beautiful bouncy curls and this new hack is taking over online! 

No curling iron. No flat iron. No overnight tricks. But what it does entail is a plastic water bottle and 5 minutes of your time.

The hack is called the “#blowthebottle” challenge, Instagram users are blow drying their hair inside of water bottles to get lustrous curls. It’s even been tested out by a few salon experts.


How do you do it?

Cut out a hole in the side of your water bottle that is large enough to fit your dryer’s nozzle. Slip your hair through the top of the bottle (cut it if you need to) and blow dry on a low to medium setting. Using an attachment on the dryer will concentrate the heat and prevent the hair from being sucked into it.

Pro stylist Olivia Smalley, seen here, suggests misting the hair with water and/or using a thermal protectant hair product on clean, dry hair along with this technique.


Would you try this?

Source: Tip Hero

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