Nothing Is Too "Out There" When It Comes To Cell Phones!

These days most people can’t be without their phone for one minute, which is resulting in a serious loss of manners. Years ago folks wouldn’t be caught dead talking on the phone in the bathroom, or at a dinner table, but, according to a new study, that’s pretty much the norm these days.

A new poll of more than 1,300 adults finds that 45% of people admit they’ve either talked, texted or checked their phones in a public restroom. And this is rarely just a one-time thing, with 10% saying they do it at least once a week. And while some may be grossed out by the thought, one in seven people note that the person on the other end knew they were in a restroom but didn’t care.

And anyone who’s been out to a restaurant recently is probably not surprised that 60% of adults have pulled their phones out while eating out or drinking with others, with 75% of people saying the person they were with didn’t care.

People are so open with their phone usage these days that privacy basically goes out the window.

  • One in seven people believe it is acceptable to use their speaker phone while out in public, and about 85% of people say they’ve overheard strangers’ conversations about highly personal topics in places like grocery stores or even just walking down the street.

  • Just how personal were these conversations? Well, topics overheard include infidelity, buying or doing drugs, intimate details of sexual encounters and more.

  • As for what can be done about such loss in phone manners, it seems not much. Turns out almost a third of people say they’d be offended if someone confronted them about their phone manners, and wouldn’t change what they were doing if asked to get off the phone in public. 

Source: Forward Geek

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