DC Woman Looking For Good Samaritan Who Returned Her Wallet!

A D.C. woman is looking for a good Samaritan who was caught on a surveillance camera returning a wallet she dropped in the street.

Katie Egger Makris was rushing to leave her Michigan Park home in Northeast Washington Thursday morning and didn't notice that she dropped her wallet in the street.

While setting up for a 6 a.m. spin class, she received an alert from the Ring security camera outside her home. Makris saw the man, dressed in a plaid shirt and Dallas Cowboys hat, on her front porch, but she wasn't sure what he was doing. 

It wasn't until she got a call from her husband that she learned what the man had done. 


After stopping his van in the street to pick up the wallet, the man checked the address and walked up to Makris' home. He can be seen on camera searching for a place to put the wallet before settling on a space under the mat.

Makris expressed her gratitude for the stranger's actions in a post on her Facebook page, but she also wants to thank the man personally. 

Source: NBC 4

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