Guest Weigh In On What Makes A Wedding Fun!

Our initial thought when we get invited to a wedding is probably something along the lines of, “Will there be an open bar?” Shortly after that: “Can I bring a plus one?” The main takeaway? A good wedding is usually about the booze and company. But there are other things that come to mind when you think about a really solid wedding. Here’s what Reddit users had to say:

  • “Your party is only as good as the people enjoying it.” - duderino13

  • “Good food.” - Book_1love

  • “To me, it’s usually the music.” - xtinalala

  • “Not cramming too much in.” - viceadvice

  • “When a couple makes sure guests are taken care of.” - WaitforIttttt

  • “The bride and groom were having fun.” - moongoddessshadow

  • “Open bar or limited bar with beer and wine, hosted all night.” - sane_enough

  • “No big wedding cake.” - maria340

  • “An area away from the music where people can have actual conversations if they aren’t dancing.” - choixpeau


Unless your bridesmaid dress is reeeeaaaally ugly or you’re stuck with a terrible date, no wedding is really the worst. Think about all of the food and cake…and as a bonus, you’re surrounded by happiness! At best, you’ll get the chance to flirt with the cute groomsmen. And beyond that…someone WILL get drunk and stupid…so you’ll definitely get a show, too (just don’t be a part of it).

Source: Insider

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