Instagram Latest Update Removes Fake Followers!

Do you follow anyone on Instagram and wonder how on earth they got so many followers? Well, it turns out…they probably paid for them. There are apps and services that will actually engage with people on Instagram for you so they check out your page and hopefully follow you. Lots of influencers and celebs are doing it, and now Instagram is stepping in.

The newest feature will cut down on the ability to buy fake followers. Not only will it remove the fake follows, but it’ll cut back on the fake comments and likes as well. No more mass engagements just to get people to notice you on Instagram. You’re going to have to be a little more authentically popular to hit the goldmine of followers and likes.

The reason behind this update? Instagram wants to keep the app as authentic as possible. Not only that, but many of the third party apps that help you with followers require your password to get the ball rolling – not very secure sounding, right? If you won’t even share your password with bae, you shouldn’t be handing it over to some sketchy app.

Source: Refinery29

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