People Plan To Be More Charitable This Year!

The holiday time is a season of giving, and it seems more folks are planning to open their wallets to help others this year. Just in time for Giving Tuesday (November 27th), a new poll by Classy finds 49% of folks plan to donate more to non-profits this year than last year.

Overall, only 10% of people say they plan to give less than last year, with those with higher incomes most likely to up their charitable contributions. In fact, 74% of those earning between $100K and $150K, and 85% of those earning more than $150K will be making donations.

As for where folks will be making those donations, the country’s recent disasters and tragedies are having a big impact. In fact, 54% of people say they either have or will donate to Hurricane Michael and/or Florence relief efforts, while 44% of people say the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is inspiring them to donate. In addition, another 37% of folks say immigration issues are motivating them to give to charity. 

And despite the country being so politically divided, it seems folks have faith in their fellow Americans. Overall, 49% of Americans believe people are becoming more generous, while only 21% think they are being less generous. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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