#Trending - Tinsel Colored Hair!

It’s about time we started seeing some 2018 beauty trends inspired by the holidays floating around our Instagrams. Welcome the first since wreaths for your nipples – tinsel-colored hair! We can achieve pretty much any color in our hair these days from rainbows to rose gold. Now we’re aiming for the color of tinsel.


There are other holiday hair inspirations floating around the ‘gram from cranberry red to even flannel hair (yes, that’s really a thing). The secret to tinsel hair is to get a super silvery color as the base, and add a rosy hue to the ends to make it mimic what tinsel would look like on a lit tree.

The only issue with these fire holiday hair colors? They’re a little hard to maintain. So load up on the moisturizer, and take the appropriate selfies while you can! Your tinsel hair might not last very long.

Source: Elite Daily

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